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Fully Booked 2017

Last week marked five years since I registered Shaun Rose Photography as a business. I honestly didn’t know if this was just going to be a fad and I would soon get sick of doing it, or if people just wouldn’t be interested in hiring me. I look back now...

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2016-17 Wedding Giveaway

2016 will mark 5 years since I first registered my business. When I started, I was just like the shy person at school, I half put up my hand to say, ok here I am, I’ll give this a go and probably do a couple of weddings a year. I...

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Fully Booked 2016

I know when I get a certain look from my wife that I have booked enough weddings for the coming year. Having 3 kids under 10 and working a full time job I only take on a certain amount of weddings per year. I am now fully booked for 2016...

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Nearly Fully Booked 2016

It has certainly been a crazy last couple of months with April probably being the busiest month I have ever encountered. With so much more to come in 2015 I am now at the point where I have only 4 spots available for weddings in 2016.

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